September 4, 2014 Meeting

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Meeting Format

  • Conference Call
  • September 4, 2014 at 2pm (PDT)/ 5pm (EDT)



  • Ray King
  • Jonah Geil-Neufeld
  • Elise Ferguson
  • Tom Embrescia
  • Zane Bundy


  • Michelle King

Summary of Minutes

  • Had long discussion & edit session of DNS Awards page.
  • Talked about possible MCs for the event (Frank, John, etc.)
  • Made an outline of the Award event's time table
  • Discussed the possibility of DNS Award Swag.
  • Also, talked about having a "People's Choice" Award that ICANN attendees could pick out of the 9 nominated companies.

For Next Time

  • Tom to check on the price of a videographer
  • DNS Awards team to edit relevant sections on the DNS Awards page, such as:
    • deciding on judges,
    • designing a judging process,
    • suggesting MCs,
    • creating a budget estimate,
    • brainstorming possible awards,
    • agreeing upon a times table for the award event itself.
  • Think about what we need from ICANN to make this event a reality.
  • Elise and Ray to talk to Akram at Registry Roadshow.
  • Check your Google Calendar notification for the updated Dial-in Number.