Restored Names Accuracy Policy

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ICANN Policy
Adopted: 2004
Summary: states that names deleted and then restored due to inaccurate
Whois Data be place on registrar hold until real and accurate information is provided
Addresses: False Whois
Also addressed by U.S. Legislation: N
Related to: False Whois, Whois Audits and Verification, Whois Data Reminder Policy

This policy addresses how registrars handle domain registrations that have been deleted due to inaccurate Whois information.[1] According to the Restored Names Accuracy Policy, if a deleted name is restored, it "must be placed on Registrar Hold status until the registrant has provided updated and accurate Whois information."[1] This policy should help ensure the validity of Whois information.

Whois Consensus Policies

This is one of four GNSO consensus policies passed relating to the Whois database.[2] The some of the other policies include the Whois Data Reminder Policy and Whois Marketing Restriction Policy. [2]

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