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DNS Seal Ongoing Projects

Board Members

Groups Represented

  1. Registries
  2. Registrars
  3. IPs
  4. Business
  5. ALAC
  6. ISP
  7. SSAC
  8. Gov't


How many arbiters do we need anyway?

Sketch of the Ideal Arbiter

Our ideal arbiters enjoy slapstick comedy and answer to "Mo," "Larry," or "Curly."[1]


  • req 1
  • req 2

Possible Arbiters

Accreditation Process

The goal of our accreditation process is to highlight good actors in our industry.


Public Perception of the DNS Industry

  • ICANN has commissioned at least two fairly recent surveys that looked at how people view the DNS industry.[2]
  • The DNS industry is viewed as "four times worse the IT industry average."[2]
  • Chehade has stated that "Our industry is not a well-established or well-received industry."[2]
  • Read more at Domain Incite

Suggested Topics for the Next DNS Seal Call

  1. Define the end user for the seal: who do we want it to speak to?

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