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Start the DNS Awards, an award and ceremony within the domain name industry. By publicly celebrating companies that are good actors within our industry, we can improve our public image and encourage those in our industry to follow best practice guidelines.

  • This is preferable to creating a Seal because we will not have to police the industry or worry about application or renewal processes, and it is also more positive and fun.
  • We think the DNS Awards will help address the same “bad” Internet behaviors AND improve the industry’s reputation problem. Additionally, the overall goal of this project is to call attention to good actors and to change the perception that “our industry is neither “well established or well received.” (Fadi)[1]

Public Perception Survey

  • In order to determine a baseline of the public's perception of the DNS industry, we will conduct a survey.
  • This survey will be sent out annually in order to measure any changes in public perception and to provide a means of measuring our success.

Awards Process and Planning


Working back from ICANN 53 in June 2015 (possibly Quito Ecuador).


Proposed venue is the ICANN Gala 1 Hour, 8-9PM

Master of Ceremonies

Action item: We need to find a personable and respected MC to officiate the Award Ceremony.


  • Volunteer
  • Highly respected in the community

Judging Process

Items to consider/develop:

  • Nomination period and process
    • Get as many nominations as possible
    • Whittle down to 9 finalists
    • Pick one winner in each of 3 categories, to be announced at the ceremony
  • Further work with each finalist
    • More Questions
    • 2 Minute Video showcasing the company and what they've done to deserve this particular award
  • Award name and prize.
    • Fighting Spam Award
    • ...
    • ...

Ceremony TimeTable

  • 5 Minutes Intro and why we are here
  • 5 Minutes Description of process
  • 6 Minutes Video of Candidates in given category
  • 4 Minutes Winner Speech
  • 20 Minutes Repeat 2 more times for other 2 categories
  • 5 Minutes Closing Remarks


  • An image that can be placed on the winner's website in addition to a physical statue.
  • Good actors could donate to a charity of their choice.

What Do We Need from ICANN

Action Items

  • Make list of Judges
  • Action item: Get input on our judging process. Ensure that it is streamlined and standardized so that voting/judging can be set up for each of the award nominees.
  • Create Nomination Form
  • Create Additional Questions for Nominees
  • Decide on voting procedure (audience takes a vote; have online polls (ICANN to have a link?; judges)
    • Look into "people's choice award"--have ICANN attendees vote for one of the 9 nominees
  • Finalize the times tables


  1. http://domainincite.com/11717-its-official-people-hate-the-domain-name-industry DomainIncite