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Welcome to the DNS Awards Project!
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Welcome to the DNS Awards Project, where you can learn about Internet behaviors and amazing companies trying to make the DNS a better place. Here at, we have two primary goals. First, it is our goal to define and categorize Internet behaviors in order to clarify which behaviors are generally considered good, bad, and ambiguous. Below you will find information on a number of common Internet behaviors. Our second goal is to create best practices for the DNS industry and publicly celebrate businesses that exemplify high standards of behavior by following best practice guidelines and consistently showing a willingness to go above and beyond their legal requirements. Companies and organizations given the DNS award will not only proactively fight abusive (bad) behaviors but also encourage responsible (good) behaviors. We want to recognize and encourage good actors in the DNS industry and increase public awareness of common internet behaviors in order to help Internet users make informed decisions.


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Additional Rights Protection Mechanisms
The term Additional Rights Protection Mechanisms (RPMs) encompasses rights protection policies that go beyond the scope of what ICANN mandates. ICANN policy does address forms of rights protection, particularly in reference to trademark and intellectual property; additional RPMs build off of and supplement ICANN's current policies. Examples include perpetual blocks, domains protection marks list, and "spanning the dot" policies.

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Internet Behaviors

Behaviors To Be Avoided
(Considered Bad)
Botnet Attacks
Cross-TLD Registration Scams
DDoS Attacks
DoS Attacks
Domain Kiting
Domain Name Hijacking
Domain Slamming
Domain Tasting
Fake Renewal Notice
False Whois
Front Running
Reverse Domain Name Hijacking
Shill Bidding
Whois Misuse
Behaviors To Be Cautioned
(Take Care to Avoid Abuse)
Domain Parking
Fast Flux
Behaviors To Be Supported
(Considered Good)
Abuse Prevention Policies
Additional Rights Protection Mechanisms
Domain Locking
Whois Anti-Harvesting Techniques
Whois Audits and Verification

ICANN Policy & U.S. Legislation